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YouTube to introduce vaccine notices in anticipation of anti-vaccine backlash to rollout

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There is considerable public push back against a COVID-19 vaccine and Big Tech giants are getting ahead to try and shut down any skepticism against the up-coming rollout.

After COVID-19 evolved as a pandemic, YouTube, much like other Big Tech platforms, started pushing information about the virus from what it thinks are “authoritative sources,” which include the WHO, among others. Videos containing information specific to the pandemic, or the ones that even so as mention the pandemic’s name, were slapped with banners, which YouTube called “information panels,” directing users to its chosen sources about the pandemic.

The current banner.

With the news about the COVID-19 vaccine getting ready, YouTube is now adding information about the vaccine in the information panel as well.

Relevant videos will now contain the information panel directing users to learn more about the vaccine’s progress. Needless to say, users are being directed to sources such as WHO and CDC.

As of now, it is determined that these panels with vaccine information are already being shown to the US demographic. Soon, the update may be pushed globally, with almost every YouTube user searching for information regarding the pandemic being prompted to “learn about vaccine progress,” as YouTube describes in the information panel it updated in the US.

Google-owned YouTube is trying to push official vaccine information and suppress vaccine criticism in the process.

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