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Andrew Yang defends Dave Chappelle

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Former Democratic Party presidential aspirant Andrew Yang defended Dave Chappelle, drawing attention to the comedian’s many good deeds to help communities. Chappelle hit headlines again during a visit to his former high school where he helped raise funds.

“I was endorsed by a number of celebrities. Dave Chappelle is the only one who came to Iowa and South Carolina to perform on my behalf – with proceeds going to the campaign – and even made phone calls and hung out with staff. He did it because he wants to help people. Great guy,” Yang tweeted on Friday.

“The press hit job on his visit to his high school is awful,” Yang continued a second tweet. “Successful alum who fundraises for school returns, speaks to students and gives everyone a free meal for Thanksgiving. But of course in 2021 an obvious positive gesture is framed negatively in the media.”

“To get a better sense, check out the new documentary ‘Untitled’ when you can on what Dave did through Covid. Should be available via streaming soon. He helped a lot of people. That’s the kind of person he is,” Yang continued.

During his alma mater at Duke Ellington High School in DC, Chappelle got into a heated argument with students, according to Playbook.

The outlet spoke to students who were at the event. They said that a student called Chappelle a “bigot” and accused the comedian of childishness. Students were protesting Chappelle’s popular Netflix special that some activists called to be banned from the platform.

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