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Apple CEO Tim Cook calls Nancy Pelosi, issues a “warning”

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Big Tech, especially Apple, has always maintained that it would embrace the right kind of government regulation. However, at the wrong end of a barrel that could fire ? five antitrust bills, Apple has resorted to threats, warnings, and lobbying.

The NYT reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook personally called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver a “warning” that the “rushed” antitrust bills targeting tech giants could harm the iPhone.

The NYT added: “Executives, lobbyists, and more than a dozen think tanks and advocacy groups paid by tech companies have swarmed Capitol offices, called and emailed lawmakers and their staff members, and written letters arguing there will be dire consequences for the industry and the country if the ideas become law.”

According to the sources, Pelosi pushed back against the pressure from the Apple CEO.

Restricting the powers of tech monopolies which are now the largest companies in the world is an issue both Republicans and Democrats agree on.

It also seems the current administration is keen on combating Big Tech’s power, considering Biden nominated a well-known antitrust scholar and Amazon critic Lina Khan as the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

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