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Apple Creates Tech That Allows People To Present Digital ID To Businesses

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Apple is planning to expand ways for people to use a digital driver’s license and state IDs on the Wallet App.

In a post, the company announced that soon people will be able to “present an ID to businesses.”

The feature will not require additional hardware from the business. Additionally, users will only be required to show the necessary information to authenticate an interaction.

Apple said the upcoming feature could be used to verify users’ age for alcohol purchases or admission to concerts.

“Starting this fall, businesses will be able to accept IDs in Apple Wallet — no additional hardware needed. This will streamline their ability to securely check a customer’s age in person for things like alcohol purchases, or to verify a customer’s identity at checkout for car rentals, and more. To seamlessly and securely present their ID in Wallet to an enabled business, users simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the business’s iPhone. Users will be shown what information is being requested and whether the receiving party will be storing the information. Users will then be asked to authenticate and consent by using Face ID or Touch ID,” Apple wrote in the post.

Support for digital IDs on the Wallet app is available in Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, and Maryland. Currently, the only use for the digital IDs is at TSA checkpoints at a few airports.

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