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Big Tech embeds itself in the Biden campaign

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It took four years to properly politically and ideologically direct and train Big Tech to police users’ conversations in the US, but some big publishers who align with the same political circles as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden – and much of the leadership of Big Tech companies – finally seem to be detecting some promising signs.

It started with Democrats’ – to say the least – criticism of large US tech companies, many of whom control giant social media and are therefore perfectly positioned to close that gap that was left on the sidelines four years ago, as liberals focused on strict control of corporate media, forgetting by and large the new, internet variety.

Not this time, though, if they can help it. As the New York Times writes, after the Biden team’s initial criticism of Big Tech, comes an open alliance of these these dominant public square platforms with this political and ideological option.

These allies arrive from the biggest and the most powerful corporations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. In other words, anyone concerned about protecting their massive business interests going forward in case Biden wins the election.

In fact, those propelling and animating Biden’s campaign have gathered some 700 volunteers to help with the Innovation Policy Committee, and the thinly veiled threats against Big Tech ostensibly, unless they behave themselves in this campaign – has brought in “at least eight people who work for Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple.”

One of Biden’s closest aides joined the campaign from Apple and “other committee members have close ties to the [Big Tech] companies, including economists and lawyers who have advised them, and officials at think tanks funded by them.”

In any case, it’s obvious that these companies are merely acting to protect their business interests against the rage of potential future hostile legislators in Washington D.C – yet the report somehow manages to make Biden (or rather, his campaign) the potential victim here, as the giants under unprecedented pressure are said to be “seeking to co-opt a potential Biden administration.”

That rather surprising twist of obvious facts becomes a lot more clear when one considers where it’s coming from: namely “prominent progressives arguing for stiffer regulation of tech” who also happen to be members of the Biden campaign’s Innovation Policy Committee.

So we’re looking at a turf war here between “liberal and not so liberal” tech factions in Biden’s campaign, desperately vying for influence.

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