Twitter suspends popular news account Breaking911

Popular accounts continue to be purged from Twitter.

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Twitter users are blasting the platform after it suddenly suspended another popular account – @Breaking911.

The account had over 485,000 followers and was one of the top accounts on the platform for breaking news.

Breaking911 has been suspended from Twitter (Twitter - @Breaking911)
Breaking911 has been suspended from Twitter (Twitter – @Breaking911)

Many Twitter users expressed shock and confusion at the suspension of Breaking911 and don’t know why the account was purged.

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According to the co-founder of Breaking911, the account has been suspended for “reasons that are unclear at the moment” and the Breaking911 team is working to get the account restored.

The suspension comes as Twitter faces growing scrutiny over its moderation practices on the platform.

Twitter recently confirmed that propaganda from Chinese officials that attempts to blame the US for the coronavirus is permitted on the platform.

Yet while it takes a hands-off approach to this pro-China propaganda, Twitter has been blocking some links to coronavirus articles and warning users that they may be forced to remove some coronavirus jokes.

Update – March 24, 2019: Breaking911’s Twitter account has been restored.

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Tom Parker

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