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Breitbart remains locked out of Twitter days after covering Frontline Doctors press conference

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The Twitter account for Breitbart News is still locked and the organization is suspended from posting after it live streamed a press conference with doctors who say treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine is working well for them.

During this declared pandemic Twitter and other social media networks have taken down or limited the visibility of content provided by scientists and medical professionals that fail to strictly toe the official line set by the World Health Organization or the CDC – and even for asking questions and showing skepticism.

Breitbart News’ coverage of the press conference from the Tea Party Patriots with participation of members from America’s Frontline Doctors group and Congressman Ralph Norman went viral, leading social networks to begin deleting content and suspending accounts.

But Twitter’s action against Breitbart, a news organization, is more surprising as it means that journalists are now being punished for reporting on the word of medical professionals.

source: Breitbart

And while historically, in situations such as this, other news organizations would speak up for the free speech of fellow journalists if action was taken against them for their reporting, the silence from other journalists and media organizations in this case is deafening.

Breitbart News lodged an appeal with Twitter on Tuesday. But four days later, Twitter has yet to respond to the outlet or restore its ability to post.

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