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Chris Hansen apologizes for YouTube copyright strikes issued by his former web producer Vincent Nicotra

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Journalist Chris Hansen has apologized to the YouTubers who were hit with copyright strikes by his former web producer, Vincent Nicotra.

Hansen said that Nicotra started striking channels last summer and told Hansen that these were strikes were necessary to protect Hansen’s previous YouTube channel.

When Hansen realized they were unnecessary, he asked Nicotra to revoke all the strikes.

Hansen added that Nictora did revoke some of these strikes but he’s unsure if they were all revoked.

“I asked him never to do that again, under any circumstance,” said Hansen.

However, about a month ago, Nicotra issued fresh strikes against several YouTube channels.

Hansen asked Nictora to withdraw the strikes again before ultimately firing him earlier this month.

“Now that I understand the ramifications, the motive behind it perhaps, I want to apologize to some of the people who were hit,” Hansen said.

Hansen then specifically apologized to the YouTubers Baked Salmon, Joey TCap, Wes, and Yap Yap and also apologized to any other YouTubers who were hit with strikes from Nicotra.

“If there are any issues lingering out there, let me know. I’ll address it as best as I can,” Hansen added.

Since being fired, Nicotra appears to have maintained control of some of Hansen’s web properties including his website which has been filled with Hansen memes and a mugshot.

But Hansen’s commitment to addressing these lingering issues could be a sign that the Nicotra related drama is coming to an end.

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