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Congress is asked to investigate New York creating records on unvaccinated teachers, adding fingerprints to FBI database

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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) sent a letter to Congress and the New York delegation, calling for a bipartisan congressional investigation into the “problem codes” New York city officials secretly put in the digital files of educators who refused to get vaccinated.

The problem codes can result in educators being denied employment elsewhere.

CHD president Mary Holland said the city’s “unwillingness to be transparent about how and when these codes are used and under what circumstances requires a thorough and complete investigation.

“We must uncover the city’s purpose for these designations and what punitive measures it contemplated or carried out against employees for their personal healthcare decisions,” she added.

“City Hall recently denied that these Problem Codes have any external impact on employees or former employees, but that is incorrect.

“These codes have a profound negative impact on flagged educators and can prevent them from further employment.”

The problem codes put in the unvaccinated teachers files’ are the same used for those accused of child abuse, including sex abuse, and assault.

New York City also sent the fingerprints of unvaccinated educators to the FBI.

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