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Doctor pushes back against California’s medical misinformation policy

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As previously reported, the California legislature wants to pass a “medical misinformation bill,” aka Assembly Bill 2098. The law would ban doctors from giving medical advice and treatment not approved by the state.

Put simply, the bill bans doctors in California from criticizing vaccines and alternative treatments not approved for Covid like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, particularly online.

One doctor, Syed Haider, has been forced to retain a lawyer because of his support of such treatments.

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“Like a lot of other doctors around the world, I’ve just been trying to raise awareness of this,” Haider told Epoch. “But, like a lot of doctors in America, I’ve gotten letters from the American Medical Association, the Federal State Medical Board warning me that my license is at risk if I speak out about vaccines or if I spread misinformation or if I prescribe ivermectin.”

Haider feels dissenting voices have been silenced since the beginning of the pandemic and he has had to retain a lawyer so that he does not lose his license.

Haider explained that in science and medicine there is no absolute truth.

“In any scientific field or endeavor, there is no absolute truth,” he said, adding that “Dr. Fauci is not the science, like he claims to be.

“He does not have the last word on what scientific truth is. We’re always getting closer to the truth, but we have never arrived at a final truth in medicine. So, there always has to be room for debate,” Haider added.

“In nearly every hospital and clinic in the United States right now, it’s considered to be some form of misinformation or disinformation to say anything other than the vaccines are safe and effective,” Haider noted. “To say there are any risks associated with the vaccines is claimed to be misinformation or disinformation, and the working definition of misinformation or disinformation seems to be anything that would prevent someone from submitting to or doubting the FDA and CDC guidelines and recommendations.”

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