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Dr. Ron Paul examines possible government pressure on Twitter to censor

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Over one year ago, Twitter suspended conservative commentator and former journalist for the New York Times, Alex Berenson, after he questioned the efficacy of Covid vaccines. After a year-long legal battle, Berenson’s account was restored.

In an article published by the Mises Institute, former Republican lawmaker Dr. Ron Paul said there was a chance the government pressured Twitter to ban Berenson. Dr. Paul made an accompanying video.

“Berenson took government and mainstream media rhetoric about the pandemic the way journalists used to take it: with a heavy dose of skepticism,” Dr. Paul wrote.

Dr. Paul said the censorship was an attack on free speech.

“Questions about the vaccine were silenced just as were questions about the origins of the virus,”  Dr. Paul said. “At a critical time – just as authoritarians were locking the country down and threatening anyone who refused the shot—all public discussion about the matters was shut down by ‘private’ companies that just happened to have very close ties with the US government.”

Officials in the Biden administration have previously called for more censorship on social media on multiple occasions.

Dr. Paul noted that shortly after Berenson was suspended from Twitter, CDC director Rochelle Walensky validated Berenson’s claims in the tweet. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has admitted that the vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus.

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