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Facebook threatens to delete page of Terrence K. Williams’ again after he reacts to Portland riots

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Facebook has removed several posts from pro-Trump comedian Terrence K. Williams and threatened to unpublish his page for the second time in 11 months.

One of the videos that Facebook removed and cited in its threat to unpublish Williams’ page featured Williams reacting to a viral video clip of a man’s feet being set on fire during riots in Portland this month.

This viral video has been widely shared across social media with many people making fun of the incident or editing the video to make it appear as if the man is dancing to popular songs.

In Williams’ video, he reacts to a version of the viral video featuring the song Footloose by Kenny Loggins while eating ice cream. Williams laughs at the video before saying that that he’s unsure what happened because he’s eating his ice cream.

He then adds: “These liberals are so stupid. How do you start a fire and then set yourself on fire? I just don’t understand.”

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While various iterations of this viral video and reactions to it have proliferated across social media, Facebook took issue with Williams’ reaction to the clip, took it down, and flagged his page for potential deletion.

Williams claimed that his content and his page are being targeted by Facebook because the election is less than two months away:

“I use my platform to tell the truth about President Trump and the great things he is doing. I put out real news about President Trump and they are trying to shut my page down and the election is around the corner.”

If Facebook follows through on its threat, Williams will lose access to the 3.5 million followers that he’s built on the platform and all of his posts will also be removed.

Facebook previously threatened to unpublish Williams’ page last December with the company claiming that Williams’ was engaging in “inauthentic behavior.”

Before issuing threats to unpublish his page, Facebook started “fact-checking” some of Williams’ jokes days after President Trump retweeted one of his jokes.

Williams is one of several major conservative personalities to have their Facebook page threatened in recent months with conservative comedic duo The Hodgetwins and conservative non-profit PragerU also being told that their pages are “at risk of being unpublished” in August.

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