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Florida Department of Health is investigating companies allegedly using vaccine passports, despite state ban

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Florida is investigating businesses and government agencies that might have violated its vaccine passport ban rules. The state passed a law banning the use of vaccine passports on anti-discrimination grounds and some organizations have been accused of still using them anyway.

The Orlando Sentinel filed a public records request last month that revealed that the state’s Department of Health had 120 cases being looked at for potential violation of the vaccine passport ban.

To this day, the cases are said to be “under review.”

The state’s Department of Health is responsible for enforcing the law, which prevents private businesses and government agencies from demanding proof of vaccination from clients. The law, which is being disputed in court, went into effect on September 16. The health department can fine those who break the law a $5,000 fine per violation.

The law could be seen as a contradiction to the order issued by President Joe Biden requiring private businesses with more than 100 employees to implement vaccine mandates.

The government agencies being investigated for potentially violating the law include the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s counterterrorism unit in Jacksonville and the Alachua County Public Library.

The Miami Marlins, who play in Major League Baseball, have also been accused of violating the vaccine passport ban. The list also includes large companies such as Northrop Grumman and AT&T.

There were several cruise ship companies on the list. However, they do not immediately face fines because of a pending lawsuit filed by the Norwegian Cruise Line.

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