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Google executive outlines plans to prevent a “Trump situation” in 2020, undercover video reveals

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A new investigative report is out, compiled by Project Veritas, seemingly exposing Google’s political bias in the US and the way the tech giant goes about accomplishing it.

The report consists of leaked documents, hidden camera footage of a senior Google executive, Jen Gennai, and a video featuring an anonymous Google whistleblower.

All this content converges to reveal that Google wants to avoid the possibility of Donald Trump or somebody like him ever being elected as US president again.

In order to do that, the undercover footage of Gennai, who’s the tech giant’s Head of Responsible Innovation, shows her discussing how Trump came to be elected in 2016 and what must be done to prevent the situation from repeating itself.

Gennai states that not just her company but also the people and the news media “got screwed over in 2016.”

Analyzing what happened in that presidential election, she said Google is now training its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered machine learning algorithm, and wonders, “if 2016 happened again, would the outcome be different?”

As the report suggests elsewhere, while Gennai’s exact meaning is not entirely clear, Google’s bias is.

Judging by the accumulating evidence Google is not only convinced, at the highest level, that it should have a say in the outcome of a US presidential election, but also that it is powerful enough to have that say. Talk about meddling.

There is more than one explanation among his political opponents as to why Donald Trump triumphed in 2016. One that hardly ever features is that it was simply the will of the people.

Project Veritas’ insider, whose voice and appearance have been altered to protect his identity, suggests that after Trump’s victory, there was “a 180” degree change within the company.

Google now believed that the victory was possible thanks to hate, misogyny, and racism, and was, therefore, getting ready to fight it by policing its users, to prevent a similar electoral outcome in the future.

One way to do it that the company started considering – and he said he heard it from heads of Google and the CEO of its YouTube video platform, was to start “combating hate and racism online.”

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