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French Resistance: Only half of Paris cafés and restaurants are demanding draconian vaccine passports

Despite facing prison, restaurant owners are fighting back.

The French government announced that as of Monday, all consumers in will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before they can sit down at their favorite café.

Many cafés did not comply with this new regulation. In fact, half of the 24 restaurant and café owners contacted by Reclaim The Net in Paris on Tuesday said they would refuse to conduct the health pass inspections. The Interior Ministry stated that police would initially be tolerant but it won’t last long.

However, violating café or bar owners will receive a warning, followed by a seven-day closure notice if they repeat the offense. An additional two infractions could lead to a year of prison.

This is part of an initiative by the government to limit a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections. A health permit is required to dine at restaurants, drink in bars, get non-emergency care in hospitals, or travel on interstate trains.

It was issued by President Emmanuel Macron last month, with the message: get vaccinated. Because of this, vaccination rates soared in France, but there were also mass demonstrations.

France’s health pass is the most comprehensive among the nations of Europe, with Italy also offering similar passes. Those opposed to the measure argue that it encroaches on their privacy and treats individuals who dislike the COVID injection unfairly.

Until mid-November, the law governing health passes will continue to be in effect. In addition, all healthcare professionals are required to be vaccinated.

Health pass checks were also performed at Paris’ Gare de Lyon station. According to the transport minister, one out of every four long-distance trains will be randomly checked on Monday.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.