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Italians without a vaccine passport could find it difficult to claim their pensions

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Italy introduced a vaccine passport mandate for banks and post offices, meaning retirees who pick their pension in person will have to produce a vaccine pass to access their pension or funds.

In Italy, people are given the Green Pass if they have been “fully” vaccinated, recovered from COVID, or by presenting a negative test.

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As reported by Il Giornale, the new requirement will have an impact on retirees because most of them pick their pensions in person.

The government included banks and post offices in the list of “non-essential.” Other shops that are now considered “non-essential” include tobacconists. Smokers cannot get cigarettes from a tobacco shop without a Green Pass.

The Green Pass was also introduced for beauticians and barbers last week.

The country’s vaccine pass was already required for indoor dining and public transportation since December.

According to Il Giornale, there are only nine types of shops in Italy one can access without a Green Pass, including supermarkets and grocery stores, petrol stations, pharmacies, optometrists, and pet shops.

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