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Italy increases vaccine passport enforcement

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On Wednesday, the Italian government added to the growing list of venues where the reinforced vaccine passport “green pass” will be required from January 10th and now includes outdoor restaurants, hotels, and ski lifts as well as all public transport.

As in other regions, the restrictions have decimated revenue for many small businesses at one of their most important times of the year and Italy’s club and restaurant owners want the government’s help.

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On Wednesday, industry group Fipe-Confcommercio released a statement claiming that as a result of a surge in cases and the restrictions, the cancellations in New Year’s eve dinner bookings have been between 25 and 30%.

This is inline with other countries around the world.

“December … which alone accounts for 10% of restaurant revenues, is largely compromised,” the group said. They want the government to provide a lay-off compensation scheme for workers and extend a Covid debt moratorium.

“Discos and clubs have literally been wrecked without any prior notice,” Confcommercio said.

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