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Joe Rogan slams YouTube’s ban on anything that goes against the WHO

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Podcaster Joe Rogan, who has one of the most popular channels on YouTube, has blasted YouTube’s controversial ban on anything that goes against the World Health Organization (WHO) and warned that it could lead to proven advice about boosting immunity being taken down.

The policy was recently announced by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki who also said that anything “that is medically unsubstantiated” including advising people to “take vitamin C” or “take turmeric” as a cure would be a violation of YouTube’s policies.

Rogan said the announcement is “kind of unfortunate” and added that nutrition experts providing advice on how to “boost up your immune system” during the time of coronavirus is “important for everybody.”

He also pointed to holistic strategies that have been proven to boost immunity:

“There’s things you can do like get more sleep, drink more water, eat healthier, keep your body healthy with nutrients and making sure you’re eating clean, and don’t drink alcohol, and don’t smoke cigarettes. If you just do those things, this is real, this has actually been proven.”

In addition to this, Rogan addressed the WHO’s history of spreading Chinese propaganda and getting things wrong about the coronavirus.

“They were given Chinese propaganda, they were spreading it,” Rogan said. “The World Health Organization when they were posting it, that’s absolutely wrong. We all know that’s absolutely wrong.”

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Rogan’s criticism of this new policy comes as the WHO and other health groups such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are facing increased scrutiny for providing false information on the coronavirus.

Yet despite their track record when it comes to inaccurate information, YouTube and the other big tech companies continue to use these health authorities as a source of truth with Facebook even warning users who interact with “misinformation” and sending them articles from the WHO.

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