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MangaDex reappears under new temporary domain

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The manga scanlation (scanned copies with translations) mammoth MangaDex has resurfaced online after several days of downtime. The website has now confirmed that it has been plagued by a myriad of legal issues resulting in the loss of the .org domain as well as the removal from Cloudflare.

The manga giant MangaDex has been a popular destination for a wide range of scanlations and experiences several million visitors every month. The website, however, had suddenly gone down in the previous week with the staff reporting that it was merely a server migration and a database maintenance.

The website is now live since yesterday but not on its .org domain. The site’s moderator “Zephyrus” stated that the manga giant was ultimately forced into switching to a .cc domain due to on-going legal issues.

“Our .cc domain is temporary for now. Our .org domain was acquired via our reseller, who has removed us from CF and have stopped supporting us due to legal pressure.”

Back in December 2019, Evan Stone, an attorney representing VIZ Media, LLC, has filed a DMCA subpoena, and specifically mentioned “Boruto”.

It is still unclear whether the aforementioned subpoena was the reason behind the downtime of the website. However, MangaDex’s moderator said that, “To anyone paying attention to the news, the Boruto chapter in question was an official English rip. Uploading official chapters has always been against our rules, and we’d appreciate your continued assistance in reporting any content that breaks our rules in the future.”

What’s more, the site’s moderator stated that their current reseller has terminated support for site donations, because of which they are forced to explore other avenues. While the website is running smoothly on the current domain, it may soon transfer to .org when the “transfer to our new provider completes.”

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