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Fauci Successor, Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, Said There Should Be “Consequences” For “Misinformation,” But Spreads It Herself

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In the wake of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s retirement from his contentious role as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), an air of apprehension cloaks the announcement of his successor. Fauci’s tenure was marred by accusations of a slew of misinformation, all while calling for “misinformation” to be curbed by social media platforms, and seemingly intentional deceit, leading to his referral for prosecution regarding potential misrepresentation of the evidence on the origins of COVID-19.

Now, the successor named by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is proving to be an equally divisive choice steeped in similar controversy.

Fauci, whose succession is an undeniable reflection of his woeful pandemic management, left the NIAID for a comfortable position at Georgetown. His misleading narrative around COVID-19 related issues such as the effectiveness of masks, vaccine passports, and his role in keeping educational institutions shuttered, painted a grim picture of his role that, alarmingly, his successor seems poised to continue.

Dr. Marrazzo’s tenure during the pandemic was far from exemplary as she pumped out her own breed of misinformation. In 2020, Dr. Marrazzo grossly exaggerated the COVID-19 mortality rate, presenting a 10% figure in stark contrast to the non-politicized estimation of a 0.034% infection fatality rate (IFR). This gross overestimation of approximately 23,311% amplifies the concern regarding her appointment as head of NIAID.

In 2020, Dr. Marrazzo tweeted that there should be “consequences” for those that spread misinformation. Yet, in another instance of flaunting false narratives, Dr. Marrazzo echoed the controversial affirmation that masks play a crucial role in curbing COVID-19 transmission, even as late as 2021, contradicting other studies and showing that there is no general consensus on scientific matters – which is why free speech needs to be protected.

Disregarding contradictory evidence, Dr. Marrazzo shared questionable reasoning to vouch for her claim, creating a circular argument based on flawed logic to persuade the public. Dr. Marrazzo’s profligacy with these faux facts earned her a promotion to one of the most influential positions in the country, raising questions about the standards of those appointed to hold significant public positions.

Dr. Marrazzo eagerly supported the unfounded “natural origin” theory for COVID-19 proposed by Fauci.

These instances of duplicity, manipulation of public sentiment, and fiercely ideological leanings characterize Marrazzo’s manner of operation thus far. Whether it’s obscuring the mortality rate from COVID-19, presenting unproven evidence on the effectiveness of masks, or jumping onboard with contentious theories about the virus’s origin – all while calling for dissenting voices to be silenced, the parallels between Marrazzo and Fauci draw unsettling similarities.

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