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Meta and TikTok Sue EU Over Online Speech Laws

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and Chinese viral app TikTok, have taken legal action against the European Union for its regulation efforts to police online speech.

According to them, these measures jeopardize the unobstructed continuity of online global discussions. While Meta and TikTok have been heavy fans of censorship over the years, it appears that their issue with the EU’s legislation is not that it threatens free speech but because they believe censorship of narratives is their job, not the EU’s.

These tech firms are making waves in the high court and are two of the first major platforms to challenge the Digital Services Act.

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As reported by Politico, the Silicon Valley powerhouses labeled the EU’s legislative effort as an arcane rulebook, paralyzing freedom and innovation. They also argue that such rules impair their ability to champion creativity and connection among online users, which is the lifeblood of the online landscape.

Furthermore, such regulation, they claim, comes with undue complications associated with moderating online communications.

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