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“Misinformation” seminar canceled after people realize controversial Chinese company Huawei was the sponsor

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A webinar that was supposed to focus on the “misinformation” that exists about the coronavirus has been canceled after it was revealed that Chinese company Huawei was the main sponsor.

A National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) had organized the digital conference to take place on May 13 – however, they canceled it after receiving harsh criticism from the public, who could not believe that a company that has been linked to the Chinese Communist Party was sponsoring a webinar against the misinformation generated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chinese government has been accused multiple times of maintaining a disinformation campaign to hide any responsibility for the outbreak.

Among many things, it is accused of hiding information, contagion numbers, and trying to blame other nations for the virus.

These accusations have made the CCP and all its business allies lose even more credibility when it comes to COVID-19. One of them is Huawei, who have known to assist in China’s human rights abuses, and would have been in charge of sponsoring the NABJ webinar.

As soon as the public knew that Huawei would be the event sponsor, they began to mock it, saying that it is ironic that a company that maintains relations with the Beijing government sponsors an event about “disinformation.”

The criticism led to the rapid cancelation of the event. Although, the NABJ said in a statement that the reason for canceling the webinar is that “it has become a distraction from other priorities.”

But wait, there’s more: even CNN journalist, Van Jones, was invited to the event but he later admitted on Twitter that he did not want to participate in the conference when he learned that Huawei would be the sponsor.

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