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Ohio state representative Al Cutrona introduces anti-social-media-censorship bill

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Representative Al Cutrona of Canfield, R-59th, wants legislation passed that would forbid social media platforms from censoring their users.

If Cutrona’s bill moves forward, it would prohibit social network sites removing users or editing posts for their views and does not include posts that break state or federal laws, such as encouraging violence or criminal activity.

Rep Al Cutrona had this to say: “These monopolized Big Tech platforms should not have the power to dictate what they deem as acceptable speech, that’s exactly why we have the First Amendment.”

Cutrona’s office states that the same legislation has been introduced in 29 additional states, with a quote in the press release saying:

“With social media being a quintessential form of communication these days, this bill is to ensure people’s constitutional right to freedom of speech is not infringed on. As Americans, obviously we are not all going to agree with one another on thoughts and ideas, and that’s OK. But it’s surely not the job of Big Tech employees to choose favorites on what deserves censorship based on ambiguous policies and their personal views.”

Users would have the right to appeal censorship decisions and companies have to explain why their speech was removed.

As part of transparency regulations, social media firms would also have to publicly reveal their content management practices and explain how their material is selected and targeted.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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