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Oregon Lawmakers Sue to Halt “Misinformation” Contracts Against Election-Related Speech

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A legal battle is currently unfolding in the state of Oregon as local legislators along with other parties, such as radio show hosts and Republican party representatives are suing government officials in an attempt to prevent them from intervening in what is referred to as false election information.

The lawsuit, which represents a bold stand against censorship, was launched against Democratic Governor Tina Kotek, Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade, and Elections Director Molly Woon.

We obtained a copy of the injunction petition for here.

The lawsuit’s central accusation is that the state is effectively intending to mute any critique or disapproval of its electoral process under the guise of mitigating unfounded election-related claims.

The plaintiffs previously attempted a peaceful resolution over a phone call but to no avail, leading to them seeking an urgent court injunction. The dispute revolves around an initiative titled “Election False Information Solution,” put forth by Griffin-Valade, an unfulfilled proposal meant to counter disinformation. Despite a deadline of October 27, the project has yet to be implemented.

The plaintiffs argue that Oregon’s intimidation tactics, which include imposing a $10,000 fine on anyone spreading false election information, were signed into law in 2021. According to the official documents, these punitive measures are put in place against those making false statements regarding various electoral matters.

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