Pinterest appears to remove the term “Christian” from its internal blacklist after leaked report exposure

It's seems the term "Christian" is no longer a bad word at the image sharing site.

It appears that Pinterest has removed the word “Christian” from their Sensitive Terms blacklist. This comes one week after leaked documents by a Project Veritas insider revealed that it blacklists “Christian” and “Bible verses” from its auto-complete search suggestions, as reported by Reclaim The Net.

James O’Keefe, the founder and lead journalist of the non-profit tech-exposing organization Project Veritas, tweeted earlier today to confirm that Pinterest has removed the word “Christian” from their sensitive terms list. He tweeted an image showing what auto-complete search suggestions were available before their report and compared it to what it looks like now.

Project Veritas confirmed yesterday that Pinterest also officially fired the tech insider Eric Cochran. He worked with Project Veritas in exposing Pinterest efforts to blacklist and suppress pro-life and Christian content.

While Pinterest, in the coming days, is expected to make other changes to reverse their alleged discrimination against pro-life and Christian content, pro-life groups will be unifying to take on big tech censorship. The Susan B. Anthony List and Students for Life have pledged to re-post content from LiveAction.

Earlier this month Pinterest was caught by Project Veritas blacklisting pro-life content from the group LiveAction. They falsely labeled the website as “pornography.” This was alleged to be part of the suppression of pro-life content, making it harder to for users to view it. Eric Cochran explained how this occurred in his video with James O’Keefe on the Project Veritas website.

Susan B. Anthony List tweeted to Pinterest saying that:

“if you ban one of us you’ll have to ban all of us…we are joining @StudentsforLife and will post @LiveAction content and ensure we link through to their informative, fact-based website which you classified as ‘porn.’ #LifeCensored #UnPinPinterest.”

Nicholas Becker
Nicholas Becker contributes and reports on politically-focussed features and news for Reclaim and is an advocate for online privacy from Hobart, Australia. [email protected]