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Dr. Judy Mikovits Plandemic documentary removed from YouTube for violating “misinformation” rules

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A new documentary, called “Plandemic”, that alleges to expose secrets and corruption within the medical world and accuses big names of being responsible for the current situation of COVID-19, is struggling to stay up on YouTube.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has reignited a passion for conspiracies and skepticism of governments, groups such as the World Health Organization, China, the media, and Big Tech are at an all-time high.

Enter Plandemic. A new documentary, part one being 26-minutes, that has this week burst onto the scenes and was becoming a viral hit before it was deleted by YouTube.

The documentary features Dr. Judy Mikovits who is a well-known anti-vaccine activist in the United States. Mikovits tries to expose what she says is multiple errors made by the big pharmaceutical companies that led to the current coronavirus pandemic. The doctor assures that COVID-19 is one of the “achievements” of modern medicine that she had anticipated years ago.

Mikovits alongside filmmaker Mikki Willis

Dr. Mikovits argues that large pharmaceutical companies have always been a risk to humanity due to their research using animals and human fetal tissues. However, she says these accusations placed her on the blacklist of the medical world, which ended in legal problems.

Mikovits’s work has been lauded by prominent anti-vaccine supporter Robert F. Kennedy Jr and is popular within the anti-vaccine community. Fact-checkers have disputed Mikovits’s claims, ironically using information from The World Health Organization to do so.

Online interest in Judy Mikovits has shot up during the pandemic – Google Trends

In the video, Dr. Mikovits also takes the opportunity to accuse Dr. Anthony Fauci of withholding much of his research, only to later retain credit while investigating HIV in 1980. Fauci is considered one of the most prominent medical figures in the United States and has been at the forefront of the media attention around the current pandemic.

Mikovits’ real goal with these stories is to suggest the medical world is governed by a struggle of economic interests. She accuses Dr. Fauci of withholding information that could save the lives of millions of people, all to collect large royalties from the current patent system.

As you can imagine, with YouTube’s policy to be that any content that goes against the WHO isn’t allowed on the platform, the videos of Plandemic are being removed. However, many users have downloaded the video and have been re-uploading it all day. It’s also made its way to alternative video platforms.

What YouTube doesn’t seem to understand is that even if they don’t agree with certain conspiracy theories, censoring them from the platform only serves to raise suspicions, not quash them.

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