Pornhub deletes Baby Yoda meme tweet after being accused of marketing to kids

The company faced backlash.

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Baby Yoda, from the new Disney Plus series “The Mandalorian”, is a worldwide trend and the meme of the moment after many viewers instantly loved the character on first sight.

However, it was recently used on the official Pornhub Twitter account, in what amounts to a bad marketing tactic, after Pornhub was then accused of promoting the idea of children watching pornography.

The meme PornHub has since deleted

The message behind the meme

In the image published on December 5, we can see the reflection of the Pornhub logo in the eyes of baby Yoda; in addition to being accompanied by the message “10 seconds after my parents leave the house”.

The image refers to a child visiting Pornhub when he is left alone in his home.

This attempt to take a popular meme and use it for their own brand marketing went horribly wrong for Pornhub when Twitter users slammed the company for not realizing the implications of what they were suggesting in the meme.


Pornhub has now quietly deleted the meme after facing backlash but hasn’t issued a comment.

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Fabrizio Bulleri
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