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Rumble Acquires Live Podcasting App CallIn

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Rumble, the video platform for creators, has announced its acquisition of CallIn, a podcasting and live streaming platform. The acquisition, which will see CallIn’s founder, David Sacks, join Rumble’s board of directors in June 2023, is expected to bolster the suite of tools available to creators on Rumble.

CallIn, founded by technology entrepreneur and investor David Sacks and technology entrepreneur Axel Ericsson, offers its users an experience to create, discover, and consume both live and recorded content. The CallIn app, known for amalgamating features of social audio and video with podcasting, aligns with Rumble’s goals of being the co-to place for creators.

Rumble is already home to several popular podcasts such as The Dan Bongino Show and Russell Brand’s Stay Free.

David Sacks, CEO of CallIn and co-founder of Craft Ventures, says, “CallIn was launched out of necessity after I personally experienced challenges in producing and curating a podcast. We built CallIn as the first ‘social podcasting’ platform, where users can stream, take questions, record, edit, publish, and share content with their audience.” Sacks expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating that combining CallIn’s capabilities with Rumble’s significant platform would enhance its offerings.

David Sacks is a PayPal co-founder who has recently criticized PayPal’s move towards censorship and financial deplatforming.

Chris Pavlovski, Rumble Chairman and CEO, echoed Sacks’s sentiment, saying, “We are beyond excited to have David and the CallIn team become a part of Rumble. The addition of CallIn’s talented team and the capabilities of its product signifies a major step in our journey to deliver greater value and tools to our creators, which will further enhance our user engagement.”

Rumble, a high-growth neutral video platform, says it’s building an independent infrastructure designed to counter cancel culture. Its mission is to restore the internet to its roots by making it free and open.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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