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Rumble enables ad monetization for live streams on the web

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Video sharing platform Rumble has given live streamers a new revenue source by enabling ad monetization for live streams on the web. Rumble said that creators who are monetizing their live streams can expect a boost in revenue.

Rumble’s decision to expand the availability of live stream ad monetization comes as the world’s biggest video sharing platform, YouTube, is increasingly demonetizing creators. Once demonetized, creators can no longer earn ad revenue on YouTube and are also prevented from using its other monetization features such as Super Chats and Super Thanks (which let viewers tip creators by paying to leave pinned comments on their videos) and Memberships (which let creators offer premium content to their viewers).

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This expansion of live stream ad monetization is one of many changes Rumble and its membership platform Locals have made to make it easier for creators to monetize their content.

Locals recently added a new feature that lets creators convert free live streams into supporters-only live streams with a single click or tap while both Rumble and Locals launched live tipping features last year. Additionally, Locals’ integration with Rumble makes it easy for creators to promote their premium supporters-only content on Locals from their Rumble channel.

Rumble and Locals also give creators a higher share of ad revenue, live tips, and memberships than YouTube. Plus, Rumble has no minimum watch hour or subscriber requirements for monetization and gives creators the option to earn additional revenue by monetizing their videos on third-party websites.

Not only does Rumble give creators plenty of options for monetizing but it also stands up to pressure from ad networks that try to force it to censor. Last year, Rumble cut ties with the video advertising platform Unruly Group and its parent company Tremor International after they tried to censor political commentator Dan Bongino.

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