Rumble breaks its live streaming record with 500,000 concurrent live viewers

Another big milestone for the growing video sharing platform.

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Video-sharing platform Rumble smashed its live streaming record by more than 3x on Saturday with 500,000 concurrent live viewers across its apps, website, and over-the-top (OTT).

The majority of these viewers were on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s (RSBN’s) live stream of President Trump’s rally in Sarasota, Florida. RSBN was temporarily banned from live streaming to YouTube hours before the rally started and so streamed via its own app and Rumble.

And as the Trump rally started, Rumble and RSBN quickly started to break the platform’s previous live streaming records of 150,000 concurrent live stream viewers and 100,000 concurrent live stream viewers on a single creator account.

During the rally, RSBN eased past both the platform and single creator account records and peaked at over 400,000 concurrent live viewers.

Rumble reported that the platform as a whole reached over 500,000 concurrent live viewers.

Not only did Rumble and RSBN blast past the previous records but it took just one week to set these new records.

The record-setting live viewer figures are the latest development in what has been an impressive 2021 for the video-sharing platform.

Last week, President Trump joined Rumble after being banned from all of the Big Tech platforms. Rumble is the first alternative social media platform that Trump has joined and his videos have already been watched over a million times. His account’s live stream of the rally in Sarasota, Florida has over 355,000 total views.

Trump is one of several high-profile figures to join the platform with other Rumble creators including Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization Donald Trump Jr., conservative commentator Dan Bongino, Senator Ron Johnson, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In addition to attracting top-tier creators to the platform this year, Rumble has also secured investment from Peter Thiel and JD Vance, fleshed out its live streaming product with live chat and live stream archiving, and had a record first quarter.

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