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Rumble announces record monthly watch time and uploads, significant user growth

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Neutral video sharing platform Rumble has reported record user engagement and video uploads for January 2022 with approximately 10.8 billion minutes watched and an average of 4,383 hours of video uploaded per day.

In addition to these record stats, Rumble also announced substantial monthly active user (MAU) growth of 19% over the previous month, reaching 39 million MAUs for January 2022.

CEO Chris Pavlovski noted that Rumble’s strong growth figures are in stark contrast to Facebook’s declining user numbers in the US and Canada.

“On the heels of the decline in U.S. and Canadian users at Facebook, and with Rumble’s impressive January growth, it’s clear that we are witnessing a major shift on the internet,” Pavlovski said. “Users are sending a clear message that platforms supporting the free and open internet will be the future.”

These latest stats follow Rumble reporting record user engagement in the week ending January 9, 2022 and one of its creators and investors, conservative commentator Dan Bongino, recently hitting a milestone of two million subscribers on the platform.

Unlike Big Tech platforms, which continue to censor their users, Rumble has promised to foster “dialog, debate and opinions” and not act as “an arbiter of truth.”

This commitment to allowing a wider range of viewpoints than the tech giants has attracted high-profile politicians such as House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ron Johnson, and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Other popular creators, including journalist Glenn Greenwald, comedian Bridget Phetasy, and independent creator Matt Orfalea, have also embraced the platform.

As it has continued to grow, Rumble has expanded its platform by investing in alternative payment processors, building its own ad marketplace and cloud services, and acquiring the community generation platform Locals.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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