Hundreds of YouTube creators hit with wave of false copyright claims from “Studio71_1_2”

Studio71_1_2 are notorious for false claims.

Another copyright abuse controversy has broken out on YouTube as “Studio71_1_2” has been accused of filing multiple false copyright claims against videos they don't own the copyright to.

“@TeamYouTube #Studio71_1_2 falsely claiming peoples videos. Mine was just released when I disputed it. Please do something about this false claiming mine was totally under fair use and visuals were that of my own.” YouTuber LeeWeeGee tweeted.

After using the hashtag #Studio71_1_2, several other Twitter users have also shared screenshots of YouTube sending them notices that their videos have been blocked, including videos from as far back as seven years ago, due to copyright claims by Studio71_1_2. Many of those tweets are also in Japanese, meaning the attack isn't singling out English language content.

All of the videos in question are of gameplay content that LeeWeeGee said are targeting his face, commentary, and gameplay. “You ever get claimed by this studio? I looked them up and it seems they are abusing the claim system. Seeing a lot of twitter posts about #Studio71_1_2 on here right when they claimed my face, commentary, and gameplay. I just started. They are trying to break me in real good.”

This isn't the first time Studio71_1_2 was involved in false copyright claims. The same account abused the system back in February 2016 in a wave of attacks that lasted through September, also targeting gameplay videos.

A Reddit thread was started in r/youtube by Reddit user Underbuffed trying to figure out how “to get rid of them,” claiming to have written to “YouTube Creator Studio to block their account.” The thread has amassed 64 comments as of the time of this writing with other YouTubers also complaining that their videos have been similarly falsely claimed by the same account.

Hundreds of YouTubers have taken to YouTube in the last 24 hours to voice their complaints making YouTube videos about Studio71_1_2 in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Japanese. Other videos and Tweets reference an account called “Studio71_2_5.”

A Reddit post was made in r/youtube three years ago titled “What the hell is Studio71_x_x?” which contains several theories about the account and why YouTube hasn't taken action against it.

Carl Sinclair

Carl Sinclair is a technology reporter covering anti-competetive practices and privacy issues for Reclaim The Net. [email protected]