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Switzerland votes to keep vaccine passports

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Swiss citizens voted to keep vaccine passports in a referendum held on Sunday. The results of the referendum defy months of protests against vaccine passports, although the deal was sweetened by the promise of financial support for businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

On Sunday, the Swiss had the chance to put an end to vaccine passports. However, they voted to keep showing proof of vaccination at several venues such as pubs, restaurants, and theaters. 

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The vaccine mandates in Switzerland were passed by lawmakers and enforced in September. The law was brought to a vote through a referendum after groups opposing it gathered 200,000 signatures. In Switzerland, an issue can go to a referendum after the collection of 100,000 signatures. 

62% of voters voted in favor of vaccine passports. The majority of Swiss people in 24 out of the 26 cantons in the country supported vaccine passport mandates. 

Since the vaccines were mandated in Switzerland in September, there have been protests across the country. In October, police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons to disperse protesters outside the parliament building in Bern. 

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