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The NSA Tells Employees To Surveil People “With Dignity and Respect”

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The National Security Agency (NSA), a highly classified agency spearheading American electronic espionage, has imposed a new directive to its employees.

The directive places the emphasis on foreign intelligence targets being treated with “dignity and respect.” This guidance is primarily for the department in-charge of furtive surveillance and global data collection, notoriously known as the signals intelligence or SIGINT division.

As reported by The Intercept, this internal directive, disclosed in the balmy days of summer, said that: “In recognition that SIGINT activities must take into account that all persons should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or wherever they might reside.” This missive was conferred by the esteemed NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone, who audaciously juxtaposed the doctrine of treating people with dignity and respect with the elements of mass surveillance. A concept fundamentally contradictory to basic human rights and democracy.

This intriguing directive has been primarily seen as a hollow attempt from NSA to placate not only their European allies but also appease domestic critics amid an ongoing congressional debate on sweeping surveillance purviews. However, many feel that it is bizarre to expect an intelligence agency, noted for unauthorized spying, to adhere to the principles of respect and dignity.

The underlining consensus to rejecting proposals requiring the US to obtain warrants for perusing certain information gathered about Americans is a worrying trend in these post-September 11 repercussions.

Although discussions are ongoing regarding the statute authorizing these actions, critics articulate that the forte of the government’s surveillance has grown tremendously with negligible checks and balances.

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