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TikTok Says It Was an “Error” To Shut Down Reform Party’s Speech

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On Sunday, a significant disruption occurred during a Reform Party rally when TikTok unexpectedly suspended its livestream. The event, held at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in England, featured key speeches from Reform Party leader Nigel Farage and other prominent figures, including Ann Widdecombe.

The suspension, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, was later attributed to a “moderation error,” according to a TikTok spokesperson.

The interruption sparked immediate concerns among viewers when the live stream ceased during a critical moment of Ann Widdecombe’s speech. Widdecombe, a former Brexit Party MEP, and Conservative MP, was discussing the future strategies and core values of Reform, emphasizing the party’s commitment to “common sense” and criticizing current governmental approaches.

Widdecombe highlighted the urgency of the upcoming days leading to the July 4th vote, reflecting on the political discourse she has encountered: “These next four days are crucial,” and added her personal observation of having “heard more common sense” in recent years compared to her lengthy tenure with the Conservatives.

The temporary blockage of the live stream did not go unnoticed, and TikTok was quick to restore service to Farage’s account, confirming the restoration and the brief nature of the suspension.

This isn’t the first time the party has faced censorship issues with online platforms this election season. In June, Google reinstated Reform UK’s advertising account after backlash and accusations of election interference by Nigel Farage. Farage criticized the move on Twitter, claiming it stifled their message, and called for immediate action from Google’s Matt Brittin. The public and media reaction influenced Google to restore the account, raising broader concerns about Big Tech’s role in political processes.

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