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Apple CEO Tim Cook is reported to personally be lobbying the Senate Judiciary Committee on antitrust

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Apple has been lobbying against upcoming legislation focused on reigning in Big Tech companies and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has personally been contacting and meeting members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, Punchbowl reported.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to meet on Thursday to fine tune the legislation, which was first introduced by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The legislation focuses on protecting internet users as well as making sure that Big Tech companies do not continue with their anticompetitive practices.

The bill would “prohibit dominant platforms from abusing their gatekeeper power by favoring their own products or services, disadvantaging rivals or discriminating among businesses that use their platforms in a way that harms competition on the platform.”

Other tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Spotify are also opposing the American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

This was also not the first time Cook has personally lobbied lawmakers about antitrust legislation. Last year, it was widely reported that he personally called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to complain about a proposed antitrust law.

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