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Donald Trump Jr. talks about the importance of free speech platforms as he prepares exclusive Rumble podcast

Trump Jr. has embraced free speech Big Tech alternatives.

Jr. said that a podcast that will launch later this month exclusively on Rumble is part of a wider initiative to build a so-called “parallel economy” of companies that respect free speech.
“I’ve been a big believer in that… I’m probably the second real big verified user on for over two years. We’re just taking that to the next level, because I believe in these companies,” Trump Jr. said, speaking to Breitbart News.

“A big focus of what I’ve been doing sort of outside of my daily duties is finding those same companies who are starting in front of the parallel economy where conservatives are saying, ‘well, you’re there, you’re canceling my insurance, or you’re canceling my banking or you’re canceling my phones, or whatever it may be, because I’m a conservative. And just because I’m a concerned parent doesn’t make me a domestic terrorist, despite what the FBI has been saying.’ So there’s an entire emerging economy that’s developing around conservatives being set up around the left taking things too far around, woke corporate pushing crap that has nothing to do with the business, with what we’re consuming. People have had enough.”

Trump Jr. signed a multi-year multi-billion dollar deal with Rumble to air a bi-weekly show exclusively on the platform. The podcast, “Triggered with Don Jr.,” which is named after his book, will feature a monologue on current affairs and in-depth interviews with key figures.

“I think I’ve been sort of being a spokesperson for not just the red state economy but for platforms who are willing to fight for free speech,” Trump Jr. said. “I think that’s an emerging market as evidenced by the tanking in the share price of Disney and Netflix where Americans and conservatives, in particular, are finally saying ‘you know what? They’re not cheap anymore, we’re not gonna let them jam their crap down our throats, ad nauseam, and pretend that we’re supposed to be fine with that. We’re not going to be belittled and called racist because we don’t want that.’”

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