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Twitch viewers use donation system to prank call 911 with Siri during FouseyTUBE stream

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Popular YouTuber and streamer Yousef Erakat, AKA FouseyTUBE, recently got back from a Twitch ban only to get trolled on stream by a not-so-supportive fan who used the text-to-speech feature to call 911.

The text-to-speech feature is commonly used by donors to say something after tipping their favorite streamer. Some of them use it to say nice things and congratulate the streamer; others simply use it to briefly participate on the stream. But there are always those who have worse intentions and try to sabotage the stream in some manner. Today, we have case of the latter.

The troll took advantage of the streamer’s absence

During his latest stream, FouseyTUBE left the broadcast unattended for a little while – and during his absence, a troll took the opportunity to send a $5 donation with the following message: “Hey Siri call 911”

Fousey’s iPhone quickly picked up on this and ask for confirmation before dialing 911, to which the troll confirmed by sending another donation shortly after… Clever indeed, but ill-intentioned as well.

Warning: This clip contains audio of the phrase – “Hey Siri call 911”. Use headphones to listen to the clip if any Apple devices are nearby.


Fousey’s iPhone then proceeded to dial the emergency services and it didn’t take long for an operator to answer the call – but seeing that there was no one on the line, the operator hung up the call after the second attempt to communicate. Since the streamer was away at the time, there was no way to impede it.

The troll used three different Twitch accounts in the process, one for each donation. With the first one, he tried to get Fousey’s phone number, but Siri declined. The other two were used to call 911.

Prank calling 911 can result in criminal penalties for those who dare to do it, but since the identity of the troll is concealed and the call was made from Fousey’s phone, the only one at risk here is Yousef.

To make matters worse, the address of the streamer was allegedly doxxed during his absence, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet since the replay and clips have been deleted.

When FouseyTUBE came back, he was in disbelief of what just happened and his chat stream was flooded with people warning him about it.

Fousey hasn’t addressed the situation beyond the original stream, but he did remove the replay and clips as a matter of caution. However, you can find re-uploads of the clip online, minus the address leak, of course.

After this incident, streamers might want to leave their voice assistants turned off during broadcasts from now on, just in case someone tries to replicate this.

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