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Twitter bans Dr. Peter McCullough

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Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough is the latest high-profile figure to have his account purged by the tech giant Twitter.

McCullough built a large following during the coronavirus pandemic, which included an audience of over 512,000 followers on Twitter. He has advocated for the drug hydroxychloroquine and criticized Covid-19 vaccines.

“With no warning they [Twitter] stripped all my followers to zero, then they executed their kill machine–SUSPENDED!,” wrote McCullough on Gab. “Will let you know if I come off life-support!”

Before this Twitter ban, McCullough’s content had been censored by Big Tech multiple times. Clips of his December 2021 interview on the world’s biggest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, were censored by Twitter and YouTube and his January 2022 interview on The British Entrepreneur YouTube channel was banned before it was even published.

McCullough is one of many doctors who has challenged the mainstream media’s Covid narrative and subsequently been censored. Dr. Mary Bowden, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Andrew Bostom are just some of those who have had their accounts banned by the Silicon Valley giants.

In addition to censoring accounts and content that push back against mainstream Covid talking points, Twitter has also censored content related to Brazil’s general election, Italy’s next Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, critics of transgender players being allowed in women’s sports, and much more.

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