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Twitter ignored Congressional requests for data on the extent of its censorship

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Twitter failed to respond to a letter by Republican Reps. Jim Jordan from Ohio, and Ken Buck from Colorado, who requested documentation and data to aid a Congressional investigation by the House Judiciary Committee. The request was first made in July 2020.

In the letter, the Republican House representatives requested Twitter provide the House Judiciary Committee with documentation and data related to several issues, including the platform’s content moderation policies, its assertion that President Trump’s warnings to protesters violated its policies (last summer Trump warned rioters they would face violence from the National Guard), and its decision to fact check the then-President’s tweets.

In the recent letter, dated March 4, the Republican Reps claim that the request was first sent last July. Twitter did not provide the requested information then, and is yet to respond to the most recent letter.

We obtained a copy of the letter for you here.

“Although Twitter’s lawyers offered a telephonic briefing, Twitter ultimately failed to provide any requested documents to aid our efforts in overseeing the digital marketplace,” the March 4 letter states.

“Since then, Twitter’s conduct has only become more brazen,” the Reps. added, obviously referring to the permanent banning of Former President Trump.

“Big Tech, especially Twitter, Inc., is engaged in systematic viewpoint-based discrimination,” write the representatives.

“In the unfortunate phenomenon of ‘cancel culture,’ Twitter plays a leading role in silencing and censoring political speech of conservative Americans”

Twitter has been accused of bias against conservatives several times. It was accused of failing to take any action against tweets promoting the violent George Floyd protests last summer. However, it did try to suppress the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden, which alleged that now-President Biden might have abused his powers when he was Vice President during the Obama administration.

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