Twitter is silencing users for publishing the name of the impeachment whistleblower

Twitter deems it "private information".

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Twitter users are saying that they’re being suspended from the platform for posting about the alleged Ukraine whistleblower.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son Don Jr. published on Wednesday the name of the alleged anonymous whistleblower whose complaint triggered the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Amid calls by President Trump to expose the whistleblower, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the name of the CIA analyst that has been known by internet users for several weeks and linked to a Breitbart article that reveals the person was pro-the Democratic Party and anti-Trump.

But the information went further viral when the transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony was tweeted by Rep. Adam Schiff yesterday and left the whistleblower’s name in it, forgetting to redact it.

Since then, social media users ramped up their efforts to expose the operative who claimed that President Trump was allegedly acting inappropriately when asking the Ukraine government to look into suspicious dealings and connections candidate Joe Biden and his son had in the country.

But now, it seems Facebook and Twitter don’t like users spreading the name of the whistleblower and users are reporting that their accounts are being suspended and their posts deleted when they try to put the information out.

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Despite there being no law that prohibits media organizations or any private citizen from naming the whistleblower, Twitter users have found their accounts being suspended for posting “people’s private information”.

While some users have been managed to talk about the whistleblower without any issues, it could be that Twitter is only taking action on accounts that other users have perhaps reported – as similar situations have occurred before.

With many users being under the belief that it’s not legal to expose the name of the whistleblower, some have speculated that other Twitter users could be reporting those users that publish it, thinking it’s not legal and that could be what is leading to account suspensions.

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