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Twitter suspends gaming news outlet NicheGamer after bogus copyright claims

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The Twitter account of a gaming news portal was recently suspended after the account was flagged with false DMCA warnings.

NicheGamer is a portal for both niche and unique games that provides daily content, memes, and comprehensive coverage of video game news. The company maintains a popular Twitter account at @nichegamer followed by many gaming enthusiasts.

According to NicheGamer owner Brandon Orselli, the suspension came without an explanation of what the account has violated.

If you visit the Twitter account, @nichegamer, you will see the suspension notice.

Shortly after the account was suspended, Orselli received notifications on various DMCA copyright violations.

Orselli said that some recent posts on the Twitter account were some meme videos which he claims had no copyright violations.

Orselli has already elevated his inquiries to Twitter support and he is patiently waiting for an explanation for the suspension of his company’s Twitter account.

The culture-arm of NicheGamer, Nicchiban tweeted that it is possible that the suspension was a response to the call of people who didn’t like the NicheGamer website.

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