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UK Colonel Says He Was “Forced Out” Of The Army For Facebook Posts Saying Men Can’t Be Women

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In a development that epitomizes the rising concerns over the encroachment on free speech, Dr. Kelvin Wright, a distinguished Army Reservist commanding officer, has been compelled to prematurely relinquish his esteemed position in the British Army. His distinguished 14-year tenure, marked by an unblemished record and service including two tours in Afghanistan, has been tragically marred by accusations of “substandard behavior” stemming from his expression of gender-critical views on Facebook.

A physician by profession, Dr. Wright, had shared a quote on his private Facebook account which was taken from Fair Play for Women, a prominent group advocating for the preservation of women’s sports. The quote he shared, with no added commentary, was from feminist campaigner Helen Joyce and stated: “If women cannot stand in a public place and say ‘men cannot be women,’ then we do not have women’s rights at all.”

As reported by The Telegraph, his simple action of sharing a post escalated into an ordeal when a junior officer alerted him that his post might be in conflict with the Ministry of Defence’s transgender policies. This led to an alleged compilation of a dossier by individuals whom Dr. Wright referred to as the Army’s “LGBT champions,” delving into his supposed “substandard behavior.” What makes the matter deeply concerning is that Dr. Wright was not given access to view this dossier.

Despite dedicating years to the Army, Dr. Wright found himself enmeshed in a formal Army investigation, in which he felt his honor had been besmirched. The distress caused by the investigation, which he termed as “hellish,” was so profound that he took the decision to retire six years earlier than he had planned, thereby also suffering a cut in his total Army pension.

This incident raises pressing questions about the state of free speech within institutions such as the Army. Particularly striking is Dr. Wright’s introspective query: “What message does it send to women in the Army, that merely for noting the existence of women and women’s rights even a colonel can be placed under investigation?”

Moreover, it warrants scrutiny whether the atmosphere in the Army has become so constricted that there is no room for open discourse, debate or even the sharing of a viewpoint that may not align with certain policies.

Dr. Wright is garnering support from the Free Speech Union, an organization that ardently stands for the right to freedom of speech. The Union has appointed an employment barrister to stand in Dr. Wright’s defense. Toby Young, the general secretary of the Free Speech Union, poignantly noted for The Telegraph; “The freedom to express your views in the public square is a fundamental human right that the British Army is supposed to be defending, not attacking.”

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