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US State Department funded website blacklist of outlets that reported lab leak theory

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After the way authorities handled the Covid pandemic ended up laying waste to lives, businesses, economies, and ushering in previously unseen levels of government control, and as it turned out, government-sponsored censorship of the world’s major social platforms, a key question – what is coronavirus and how did the pandemic occur, remains a point of contention.

That’s despite the fact that after years of “hunting” and shutting down any mention on the internet (including by established scientists) that it may have been a man-made virus that “escaped” from a lab in China’s Wuhan, the US authorities have had something of a change of heart on this, and are now not ruling out that the pandemic started with a lab leak.

But before the US administration did that, it supported a controversial, UK-based group that has US affiliates, called the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which was tracking Covid “misinformation.”

The tracking consisted of blacklisting conservative sites and driving advertisers away, as a way to effectively destroy these outlets’ businesses.

The GDI activities and methods now coming to light via a blacklist leak are apparently egregious enough to force none other than that “champion of ethical behavior,” Microsoft, to “suspend” its partnership with the group (the “partnership” reportedly consisted of the GDI using Microsoft’s Xandr advertising and analytics subsidiary buying and selling digital advertising, to blacklist conservative outlets).

It’s either that, or the relationship between Big Government and Big Tech in the US has turned into an osmosis, after years of one pressuring another. The Twitter Files indicate that, as does Microsoft’s behavior (the Redmond company changed its mind on GDI quickly after the White House strongly hinted it had “revised” its stance on the pandemic origin).

The first time the lab leak possibility was mentioned, back in 2021, Facebook was also very quick to reverse course, after several years of censoring any claims the virus might have been man-made.

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