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Vaccine Injury Victims Resort To Using Code Language To Bypass Online Censorship, UK Inquiry Hears

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An unsettling wave of censorship, imposing a wall of silence around the Covid vaccines’ sometimes adverse effects, has been revealed by the official UK Covid Inquiry. Those afflicted or bereaved by the vaccines are resorting to coded online communication to share their experiences due to censorship fears. Chairperson Baroness Hallett was informed during a recent hearing that even healthcare personnel are apprehensive about voicing vaccine-induced side effects, out of concern for repercussions.

Without a doubt, this represents an appalling curbing of free speech and free expression. This issue has come to light as campaign groups representing a multitude of individuals affected by vaccines in one way or another are now able to present their case to the public inquiry.

“Censorship is a very real issue for the vaccine injured and bereaved,” said Anne Morris KC, legal representative for UK CV Family, Vaccine Injured Bereaved UK (VIBUK) and the Scottish Vaccine Injury Group, in her address to the inquiry. In a notably Orwellian manner, these support groups face shutdowns enforced by digital media platforms, while mainstream media outlets often fail to report their accounts.

As reported by The Telegraph, lamentably, these victims must resort to coded language on the internet, apprehensive about losing their singular source of solace. “They face stigma and abuse for sharing their symptoms in the context of the Covid vaccine, even being branded as anti-vax for sharing very real and medically proven vaccine injuries,” Morris added.

A chilling reality was laid bare: Victims genuinely afflicted by vaccine-related harm, or who have lost cherished ones, are hamstrung in expressing their ordeal without it being misconstrued, distorted, or exploited to serve others’ agendas.

This culture of silencing brings to the forefront grave issues of censorship and threatens the very bedrock of free speech, reminding us of the essential need to protect this fundamental right. As the directive of public inquiry solemnly unfolds, it brings a renewed focus on the importance of transparency and freedom of discourse in these debilitating times.

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