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YouTube censors Ron Paul Liberty Report episode covering “Fire Fauci” chants at a Trump rally

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An episode of former Congressman Ron Paul’s political talk show, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, has been struck down by YouTube for “medical misinformation.”

During the episode, which was titled “‘Fire Fauci!’ – Trump Rally Explodes Over Coronavirus Doom And Gloomer,” Paul and his co-host Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, discussed the “Fire Fauci” chants that erupted during a pre-election Trump rally, Fauci’s pre-election praise of Biden, the media building up Fauci, and Biden’s “doom and gloom” approach to COVID-19.

The episode concluded with a discussion of a popular article from The Federalist titled “These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID.”

Despite the focus of the show being a discussion of newsworthy events, YouTube deemed the episode to be in violation of its “medical misinformation” policies and took it down.

Paul slammed YouTube’s “blatant censorship” and urged fans of the show to “let YouTube know how you feel about their attack on the Ron Paul Liberty Report.”

He added that YouTube’s decision “makes no sense” and questioned why YouTube suddenly decided to take down an episode that is several weeks old.

While the video is gone from YouTube, it’s still available on alternative video sharing platforms such as BitChute.

This isn’t the first time Paul has had his content purged by YouTube. In September, another episode of the Ron Paul Liberty report, where he and McAdams discussed reports that dispute the effectiveness of coronavirus measures such as lockdowns and wearing masks, was taken down by YouTube hours after it went live.

The takedowns of Paul’s content are reflective of YouTube’s increasingly hard-line approach against content that questions or challenges the mainstream coronavirus narrative.

In the 30 days alone, YouTube has censored popular interviews with doctors and lockdown critics, segments from news networks, and talks from best-selling authors, for violating its far-reaching coronavirus rules.

Even creators who agree with the mainstream perspective on the coronavirus and attempt to debunk coronavirus “conspiracies” are finding that their content ends up being censored under these rules.

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