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YouTube to demonetize videos, including old videos, if they contain profanity in the first 8 seconds

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YouTube has quietly introduced a policy that demonetizes a video if it contains a curse word within the first 8 seconds, and creators and users are not happy about it because the policy is going to be backdated to older videos, meaning users will be punished for a policy that wasn’t even in place when they uploaded their videos.

If creators use a swear word other than “ass,” “hell,” and “damn” within the first 8 seconds of a video, YouTube will demonetize it, according to the policy.

YouTuber Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” took to his channel, which has over 11.9 million subscribers, to complain about the new policy, which has hit him hard.

“I’ll let it be known right away here that, yes, my channel has been hit extremely hard by this new shadow policy that they’ve slid into the equation,” he said.

“The policy is, if you say any swear word or anything less than proper in the first eight seconds of a video, you instantly get demonetized for it no matter what. There is no wiggle room. If you say anything that’s not squeaky clean, Weenie Hut Junior, and you let that rip in the first 8 to 15 seconds of that video – well, you’re just getting blasted.”

MoistCr1TiKaL said that the new policy has resulted in the demonetization of about half of his uploads.

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