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YouTuber Onision files lawsuit against Chris Hansen and Daniel “Repzion” Sulzback

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YouTuber Onision who’s been at the center of child grooming and potential rape allegations lately has decided to file a lawsuit against Chris Hansen and another YouTuber Daniel “Repzion” Sulzback.

Chris Hansen is, of course, the former host of Dateline’s To Catch a Predator and has since moved his act to YouTube. He’s been following the Onision case as it develops and interviewing those close to him who have spoken out against him with claims of mistreatment or abuse.

On January 9, Hansen showed up to Onision’s residence in Washington State and knocked on the door, accompanied by Detroit attorney Mike Morse. Onision called 911 claiming he was being stalked by “YouTube stalkers” with a camera crew and that the main one was knocking on his door and yelling through it. Finally, when he was asked specifically about the identity of the person at the door, he named Chris Hansen.

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Police units were dispatched, but not before Onision made another call half an hour later saying the “stalkers” were still at his door. He was informed that officers were on their way. No arrests were made.

The filing against Hansen seems to be more severe than the one against Repzion in that it lists Onision’s two children as participants, likely in reference to Hansen’s visit.

Hansen couldn’t comment on the suit as he has yet to be served.

In March 2019, Repzion posted a video claiming that Onision had threatened to sue him unless he removes all 50 videos that were made about him.

Onision is not off to a great start of the new decade. In addition to all the Chris Hansen drama, Twitch temporarily suspended his account without explanation. This is arguably worse than the time Patreon removed his account in November 2019 after he doxxed Billie Dawn Webb that had accused him of pressuring her into sex. At least in Patreon’s case, he was told why, even though his violating action was off of Patreon.

It’s unclear where the story will go from here, but it certainly doesn’t seem like Onision is making things better for himself.

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