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Zoom Is Planning To Integrate An AI Assistant That’s Instructed To Choose A Reply With The Least Likelihood To Be Offensive

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Zoom has partnered with Anthropic, the Alphabet-backed AI startup, to integrate its AI chatbot, Claude, to Zoom products. Claude recently made the news for being big on establishing its “constitution,” a set of values that make up its “moral awareness” that is set to prevent it from being “offensive.”

From our recent report:

“Claude has a constitution to read from in order to properly respond to such topics as race and politics. The values in the constitution include choosing “the response that most discourages and opposes torture, slavery, cruelty, and inhuman or degrading treatment.”

Making the announcement, the company said that the chatbot would first feature in the Contact Center.

The company explained that Claude would help customer service agents via creating “better self-service features” to help guide clients to relevant solutions. The chatbot could also help agents with the necessary resources as they serve clients.

The company did not say how Claude would be integrated into other products like Meetings, Team Chat, and Whiteboard.

Zoom already has AI-powered features accessible through Zoom IQ, an assistant it developed in partnership with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. On Zoom IQ, users can generate message drafts and summaries based on text prompts.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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