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Twitch streamer Alinity’s nip slip reignites accusations of unfair bias from Twitch moderators

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Update – April 25, 2020 – Alinity has since received a temporary suspension from Twitch.

Twitch’s most controversial streamer, Alinity, is back in the limelight once again after flashing her breast on stream.

During her April 24 Twitch broadcast, Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon was stuffing a pillow under her top, when she flashed her breast.

Alinity is facing calls from to be banned from the platform – not necessarily because people are offended over the incident – but because Twitch has repeatedly banned users from the platform for similar (and even lesser) offenses in the past.

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Twitch is increasingly being accused of having a two-class system on the platform where its favorite streamers receive preferential treatment and are seemingly immune from bans over actions that would get others banned.

There have been several calls for Alinity to be banned from the platform in the past – most notably over allegations of on-stream animal abuse; including throwing her cat, feeding her cat vodka, and allowing her dog to sniff her crotch.

Despite the repeated violations of Twitch’s community guidelines, Alinity has been allowed to remain on the platform as viewers speculate that Alinity earns Twitch too much money for them to want to ban her – as well as other reasons.

Last year, streamer PaymoneyWubby drew greater attention to Twitch’s unfair bias after getting banned from the platform – even though he was adhering to the rules.

Online platforms such as Twitch are increasingly being accused of censorship and strict moderation, with streamers being banned on a daily basis.

In a time when streaming can be a full-time job and a path to a livelihood, most Twitch viewers aren’t calling for more censorship from the Amazon-owned platform, they’re asking Twitch to be fair with its approach to moderation and that if it is going to implement harsh rules, those rules should be applied evenly and fairly – even to Twitch staff’s favorite streamers – so that everyone is on an even playing field.

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